Algorithmische Optimale Steuerung - CO2-Aufnahme des Meeres

4th SCS 2008

 List of lectures of the 4th SCS 2008

Michael Blume Identification of material laws in porous media by output least squares minimization (pdf)
Carsten Eden Parameterisations for ocean modelling (pdf)
Uwe-Jens Goerke Calibration of material models for mixed (u/p) formulations at large strains solving an inverse problem (pdf)
Michael Hinze Adjoints in optimization and parameter identification with flow problems (pdf)
Illia Horenko Finite element approach to analysis of high-dimensional meterological data (pdf)
Bärbel Janssen Comparison of timestepping for the Navier-Stokes equations (pdf)
Martin Kahlbacher POD for parameter estimation in elliptic differential equations (pdf)
Samar Khatiwala Fast spin up of global ocean biogeochemical models using matrix-free Newton-Krylov (pdf)
Rupert Klein Asymptotics and numerics of sound-proof models for atmospheric flows (pdf)
Gert Lube Thermally coupled incompressionable flows - Stable discretisation and fast solution(pdf)
Marcel Oliver Balanced initialization of shallow water flow (pdf)
Florian Rauser Target function adjoint error correction for shallow water equations (pdf)
Johannes Rückelt Automatic differentiation for parameter estimation in a pseudo-timestepping flow solver (pdf)
Kunibert G. Siebert Energy norm estimator in action: a glance (pdf)
Claudia Tutsch Parameter identification in ocean models via one-shot optimization (pdf)
Michael Vossbeck Parameter estimation via automatic differnetiation (pdf)
Andrea Walther Memory-reduced adjoint calculation (pdf)
Alexander Zorin Complex stochastic approach for prediction of natural catastrophic events: earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (ppt)